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Street walkin' cheetah with a capitol G.

Atomic MONSTER, out.

You can now find me at hellornothing
all time low, animen, ash/gary, avenged sevenfold, benedict cumberbatch, billie joe armstrong, billie joe/mike, bleach, bradley cooper, cobra starship, comic books, concerts, david tennant, dean/castiel, destiel, digimon, doctor who, doctor/jack, doctor/master, drawing, dylan moran, eddie izzard, fanfiction, frank iero, frank/gerard, fueled by ramen, gabe/william, gary barlow, gary/mark, gerard way, gerard/lyn-z, gold/silver, green day, harry potter, harry/dougie, holden/sean, horror stories, howard donald, hugh jackman, ianto jones, ichigo/ishida, ichigo/rukia, jack harkness, jack skellington, jack/alex, jack/ianto, jalex, jared padalecki, jared/jensen, jason orange, jensen ackles, jessie/james, john barrowman, john simm, kirk/spock, kitchen confidential, lady gaga, legend of zelda, liam neeson, life on mars, link, logan/gambit, logan/rogue, logan/scott, logan/storm, lyn-z way, mark owen, martin freeman, mcfly, mike dirnt, mikey way, misha collins, music, my chemical romance, palletshipping, piercings, pokemon, ray toro, reading, red/blue, red/green, russel howard, sabriel, sam/dean, sam/gabriel, sam/gene, shadow link, shakespeare, sharlto copley, sherlock, sherlock holmes, shigeru/satoshi, slash, smith/saxon, star wars, supernatural, tai/matt, taito, take that, tattoos, ten/jack, ten/master, the a-team, the academy is..., the hangover, the midnight meat train, the nightmare before christmas, the umbrella academy, tim burton, torchwood, trainspotting, vampires, watchmen, william beckett, wincest, writing, x-men, yamachi, yaoi, zacky/synyster


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